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Hey coaches! Need a hand filling out your schedule for the the 2018-19 season? I can’t play matchmaker but I can provide you a spreadsheet with a first cut of expected ratings for every team next season. These ratings use the same method that has produced the preseason ratings on my site in previous seasons. […]

Elite8 Final4 Final Champ 1E Villanova 72.5 48.5 31.1 23.3 2MW Duke 81.1 54.0 28.8 20.4 4W Gonzaga 68.9 40.0 25.9 10.7 2E Purdue 61.1 26.3 13.7 8.7 3W Michigan 62.3 32.7 20.0 7.8 5S Kentucky 63.6 37.7 17.8 5.8 1MW Kansas 53.9 22.2 8.5 4.8 7S Nevada 56.9 27.6 11.4 3.2 5MW Clemson 46.1 […]

Rd2 Swt16 Elite8 Final4 Final Champ 1E Villanova 97.4 81.9 62.5 43.7 28.7 18.1 1S Virginia 96.7 78.1 59.9 41.4 28.9 17.6 2MW Duke 95.9 80.3 51.8 36.9 20.7 12.1 2S Cincinnati 87.3 62.8 42.1 21.8 13.1 6.6 2E Purdue 94.3 68.7 45.8 22.7 12.4 6.6 2W North Carolina 95.9 70.9 43.6 25.8 12.4 5.7 […]

If you are looking my annual conference tournament probabilities, they are being posted to my twitter account.

Hey everyone. Now that the beginning-of-the-season rush has settled down, it’s a good time to go over some of the new features on the site. The short version is: – New and improved win probability graphs (with FanMatch updates) – Team records – Age and position information on the player pages (when available) – Better […]

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Some of you who have used the kenpom app lately may have noticed that you are unable to log in. (You may be lucky for a while if you have an Android.) Without getting into the technical causes of this, it’s the symptom of a larger issue. The talented people that originally designed the apps […]

Who has the largest home-court advantage in college basketball? How many points is it worth? Well, I have some bad news for you: It is really impossible to answer these questions with much precision. We can look at the box score of a game and see how many points a team won by or how […]

There is one final obligation to tend to before the books can be closed on the 2017 season and that is the revealing of the 2017 player of the year. This season’s honoree is Villanova’s Josh Hart who closed out a distinguished four-year run at Villanova in style. This season, Hart posted a 122 offensive […]

There were 1,930 games between Division-I teams in February and March. Here are the wildest things that happened during the months: Biggest Upsets [Tournament games only] March 2: #305 Campbell 81, #98 UNC Asheville 79 (OT) (11.7%) The biggest upset of single-elimination basketball was the seven-seed over the two-seed in Big South quarterfinal action. But the story of this […]

Hey coaches, my offer for scheduling help is back for a second season. I can provide you a spreadsheet with a first cut of expected ratings for every team next season which will include a list of all 351 D-I teams with overall ranking, and national rankings in offense, defense, and tempo. It will be updated […]