Monthly Archives: April 2013

Which single hole was the most representative of a player’s performance in the first round of the Masters? It turns out it was the 13th. Dustin Johnson was the only player to eagle it an he finished one shot off the lead. The 38 golfers that birdied it finished with an average score of 71.7. […]

It is my honor to announce that Louisville’s Russ Smith is the winner of the 2013 Player of the Year award. Smith posted a 109 offensive rating while using a whopping 32 percent of Louisville’s while he was on the floor. He also played a key role in the Cardinals’ defense, which was rated […]

Sometime during the national semifinals Clark Kellogg remarked that some threes were easier than others. I can’t remember his statement exactly. It had to do with Wichita State getting open looks against Louisville and the particular shots they were getting were the easiest shots to hit. In the NBA, it’s been documented that the corner […]

The unpredictability of the NCAA tournament often leads to Final Four teams meeting via completely divergent paths. Sometimes we talk about a team reaching the Final Four because the bracket broke in a favorable way— a one-seed was knocked out early or a team drew a Sweet 16 date with an 11 seed. Ken Pomeroy […]

I try to avoid dropping names, but allow me to use a one-time Nate Silver exception. It was in 2007 when the old Basketball Prospectus site was launching that I spoke to Nate. One of his first questions was whether I had some sort of projection system for the upcoming season. I had to politely […]