Monthly Archives: November 2003

In the 1st half, Liberty commits 14 turnovers and makes 7 field goals, and yet Duke only leads by 7. They haven’t been able to put away Detroit, Pacific, or Liberty until the 2nd half. There’s something not quite right with this Duke team, what is it?

Charlotte 50, Syracuse 29, Halftime. I can’t imagine too many defending champs have had a worse opening half of basketball than Syracuse tonight.

Before the real games begin, I need to tie up a loose end from last year. Luck plays a role in all sports, but it seems more so in college hoops. It’s one of the reasons the sport is so unpredictable. Sure, talent and coaching are overwhelming factors in determining which teams succeed and which […]

Ok, I am going to try the blog thing again this year, with a little more effort hopefully. The hardest thing about doing this is coming up with witty titles for the entries. I can’t even come up with a title for the blog itself. The title for this entry is a reference to Oakland […]