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Twitter is sort of a cesspool these days, but some might say that unbeaten tweets are a good use of the social media platform. I might say they are the best use of it. There was that year I tweeted out all 353 losers. But many people did not appreciate the timeline graffiti (how did […]

There is often heated debate in basketball circles whether the basketball gods exist. Such a discussion seems absurd, like whether the Big Foot, Nessie, or Chessie is real. People have claimed to see those creatures, but nobody has ever gotten a picture or any other convincing evidence they exist. Nobody has ever produced compelling evidence […]

If you are interested in golf, you are aware that Tiger Woods just won his fifth Masters, and if you are not interested in golf I dare you to keep reading. The most famous Masters prior to this year was in 1986 when Jack Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket. I barely remember it so […]

With Purdue and Auburn in the Elite Eight, there’s a lot of talk about how far they’ve come from the depths of their season. But those depths are fabrications of the AP poll. To illustrate let’s look at each of the teams in the Elite Eight by their worst ranking in the AP poll since […]

It was not surprising to see coaches and ex-players universally defend Tom Izzo’s treatment of freshman wing Aaron Henry last week, nor was it surprising to see most of college basketball’s non-coach/player media either stay silent or support Izzo. This is a college sports tradition. In this case, the most common defense seems to be that […]

Qtrs Semis Final Champ 1S Virginia 81.9 55.0 37.0 22.1 1W Gonzaga 74.0 44.7 26.1 15.2 2E Michigan St. 74.6 41.5 21.8 11.7 1E Duke 66.2 37.3 19.5 10.5 1MW North Carolina 64.5 36.6 17.0 7.8 2W Michigan 54.9 26.4 13.4 6.8 2MW Kentucky 58.4 30.2 13.2 5.8 3S Purdue 51.3 20.6 10.3 4.3 3W […]

Rd2 Swt16 Elite8 Final4 Final Champ 1S Virginia 97.7 85.1 66.7 48.5 34.5 21.4 1W Gonzaga 99.1 84.5 67.3 44.3 26.3 15.5 1E Duke 99.0 85.2 62.9 39.6 22.8 12.9 2E Michigan St. 97.0 75.2 58.0 33.1 18.4 10.3 1MW North Carolina 98.7 80.9 57.6 36.7 17.9 8.5 2W Michigan 93.3 68.5 43.4 22.2 11.3 […]

While tables of numbers have their place, no fan should have to scroll to see their team’s rating. For that reason, I have been spending the past few weeks building a handy visualization called D-I Universe. It’s probably a little different than anything you have seen before, but I think it’s the best way to […]

One of the more curious nuggets to come from the NCAA’s release of the NET was its decision to ignore scoring margin in overtime games. Any use of ‘artificial intelligence’ would have revealed that overtime scoring margin is just as useful for evaluating team strength as regular season scoring margin. The simplest way to demonstrate […]

Who likes it when players get into foul trouble? Well, maybe nobody, but it’s one of the most interesting strategic aspects of college basketball. While people have been thinking about ways to eliminate the individual limit on personal fouls, I’d feel very strongly about preserving the five-foul limit if officiating were perfect. Mainly because I […]