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The ACC/Big Ten Challenge commences tonight with Virginia at Minnesota and continues the next two nights with five games apiece. For the first time I can remember, the Big Ten is considered a heavy favorite to win the 11-game series. If you go game by game, you can easily come to the conclusion the Big […]

As I am sure you noticed, I posted the predicted win distributions on each of the team pages for both overall wins (based on games listed on the schedule portion) and conference wins. They give the percent chance of a team finishing with a specific number of wins based on the current ratings. Much thanks […]

The final moments of Wednesday’s BYU/Utah State produced a controversial call in a close game. With a little over two minutes to go in a three-point game, Verne Harris called an intentional foul on Utah State scoring machine Tai Wesley for swinging his elbows and making contact with an opponent. I’m not sure whether the […]

There have been two common concerns regarding the pre-season ratings that need to be addressed. The first deals with what happens to them now that games are being played. Currently, the pre-season ratings hold the weight of a little less than five games of play. This figure was selected somewhat arbitrarily, but in doing some […]

Game on

I’ve made a few changes to the site, which I hope to be improvements. The most obvious thing is that I’m not starting with zeroes for every team this season. Each team has a pre-season guess for adjusted efficiencies and pace. Details on the system are in the book, which makes a great Thanksgiving present. […]

You might be surprised to hear this, but I’m a big fan of the pre-season AP poll. There is no doubt poll participants have their biases in the pre-season. They may tend to over-estimate the importance of the previous postseason, especially when a team needed more than its fair share of luck to advance. But […]