Game on

I’ve made a few changes to the site, which I hope to be improvements. The most obvious thing is that I’m not starting with zeroes for every team this season. Each team has a pre-season guess for adjusted efficiencies and pace. Details on the system are in the book, which makes a great Thanksgiving present. The projections are pretty reasonable, except for those teams for which they’re not. But it’s better than starting at zero, right?

The most useful thing about having a rating at the start of the season is that allows me to project the outcome of every scheduled game for the entire season. This will prompt a minority of you to enter a euphoric state. A higher percentage of you will wonder why we even need to play the season. (I am not sure I have an answer to that. Frankly, I’m hoping for the day that a game is played on paper, just so I can be all in-your-face to the guy who always dismisses statistical analysis by saying the games aren’t played on paper.) The rest of you will send me an e-mail along the lines of “I can’t believe you think (team) is going to go (W-L record).” Bring it on.
Also in the works is an archive of game predictions. Those people that think my predictions suck will have a handy resource to prove their point. I’m sure that those who think my predictions are great and we should play the games on paper can also prove their point with it. But it’s as much for my own knowledge as yours. That will likely be found on the new FanMatch page, although it may be another week before that happens.

There are still parts of the site that are under construction. Updates may not be so timely this week as a result. If you happen to find something that seems truly out of whack, like a bug that exposes my passwords to the world for example, kindly [email protected].

And now, enjoy the season!