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This page is for those that aren’t subscribers, but still want to learn more about the data available on this site. When it all started More explanation on the ratings The four factors Other team/player advanced stats

The Height and Other Stuff page contains data on a team’s height at each position and statistics that describe a team’s experience and bench usage. All of these are estimates dependent on certain assumptions. Height data – Overall average height is computed by taking the average listed height of every player on the team, weighted […]

When Tiger Woods announced he was not competing in this week’s U.S. Open, a collective nation wrote the obit on Tiger’s career. All of a sudden, the notion that Woods will challenge Nicklaus’s record of winning 18 majors is the contrarian point of view. The piece by the AP national sports columnist Tim Dahlberg seemed […]

When a young player comes close to winning, it’s inevitable that a comment will be made, most likely by someone who has won a lot of money playing golf, that the young golfer in question is primed to win a bunch of tournaments in his career. Whether young golfers are really guaranteed future success can […]

A while back, I tried my hand at some golf ratings. (Back in the day when Sergio Garcia was playing good golf.) It was a fun experiment, but ultimately it was such a task to gather data for such a project that it was impossible to maintain.  At any rate, there are still fun things […]