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So Oklahoma pulled off an astounding fourth straight one-point victory last night. This hasn’t been done before in the limited data I have. Three straight one-point wins has only been done once since the ‘99 season – two years ago by High Point. If you have followed this streak, you have seen some examples of […]


Unfortunately, defensive stats are not to the point where I can consistently honor defensive specialists in a Line o’ the Night. But Saturday was a day for defenders to shine in obvious ways. Temple’s Dustin Salisbery shut down J.J. Redick to the tune of 11 points on 3-for-10 shooting. Hey, give John Chaney credit. His […]

Back on January 5th, I jotted down some of the more unusual developments in our little Pythagorean baby. Let’s go back and look at how some of the surprising conference frontrunners have fared now that the regular season is drawing to a close. All preseason predictions cited come from Blue Ribbon. A-10: Xavier. Nice collapse […]

Ken, I just reviewed Joe Lunardi’s 2/20/06 bracket projection on  In general those projections usually look like a fair comparison to how the committee would seed the teams at that particular point in time.  I think that’s again the case with his 2/20/06 bracket.  However, I have to laugh when I see that Duke […]

My savant skills tell me Notre Dame will be the best team left out of March Madness. In fact, there will probably be 5 to 10 at-large teams that are worse than the Irish. They have outscored conference opponents by 33 points, suggesting an 8-5 record would be more appropriate than the 4-9 one they […]

First off, I kind of screwed up my RPI analysis of conferences yesterday. Let’s just say that the old RPI values were off, and basically conference rank wasn’t affected much by BracketBusters. Serves me right for trying to talk about RPI. Second, I’m getting tired of hearing how certain teams get everyone’s “best shot”. As […]

A breakdown of conferences that played 5 or more games in the BracketBusters: RPI Pvs Now CAA 6-2 11 10 WAC 6-3 9 9 Big West 5-3 28 24 MVC 5-5 5 6 OVC 5-6 18 20 Horizon 4-5 14 15 MAC 5-7 15 16 MAAC 4-6 10 13 George Mason and Missouri State were […]

Mo’ Powe

FG 3pt FT Reb Min M-A M-A M-A O-T A F S TO BLK Pts Leon Powe 38 10-14 0-0 10-14 6-10 2 2 0 3 0 30 Result: Win. California 75, Arizona 66.       Dan Grunfeld had a better shooting night (9-11 FGs, 11-11 FTs, 31 pts) in Stanford’s win over Arizona […]

Ken- Love your website.  I visit it regularly, even though I’m on the women’s side of college basketball. That said, I saw an amazing box score last night.  Florida’s women’s team scored 63 points, won by 15… yet only had 3 assists. I thought that’d make an interesting scavenger hunt for your readers… what is […]

FG 3pt FT Reb Min M-A M-A M-A O-T A F S TO BLK Pts DeWitt Maxwell 36 10-13 0-0 7-9 8-12 3 3 1 3 6 27 Result: Win. Fairfield 109, St. Peter’s 108. There were only about 80 possessions in this contest, so basically it had less defense than a high school all-star […]