Monthly Archives: September 2011

Last season, North Carolina’s John Henson made 47.9% of his 142 free throw attempts. What is a reasonable expectation for Henson’s free throw percentage this season? One way to make a prediction is to look at players with a similar free throw percentage in a single season and see how they performed in the following […]

For the second straight year I am pleased to present a list of transfers who are eligible to play at the Division-I level this season. Players are listed only if they have previous significant experience (minimum 10% of possible minutes) with a different D-I team. Once again, my sincere thanks go to Nic Reiner-Parra for […]

When the player history pages were introduced a few weeks ago, my hope was that they would become something more than just a listing of a player’s advanced stats during his career. Ideally, it would provide you with a complete description of the player’s role and abilities. Today represents a small step towards that ideal […]