Monthly Archives: January 2007

In the continuing effort to bring you things you don’t get anywhere else, I’d like to give you a sneak peek into what the 2008 season will bring for this site. It will be about measuring things that have never before been measured (at least publicly) in the college game. A scratch-the-surface example of this […]

I’d like to start things off by acknowledging the first and maybe only nominee for the 2007 Center for Tempo-Free Stats Luke Winn Trophy for best writing. (By naming the trophy for Mr. Winn, I can make him ineligible without any guilt.) Please welcome the Greensboro News-Record’s Jim Young to our club. Jim uses the […]

As part of some other work I am doing, I have had to compile a birth date database. Naturally, I need to look at the extremes, out of both curiosity and entertainment. Near as I can tell, the elder statesman of college hoops is Tennesee Tech’s Francis Kabore, who checks in at 28, at least […]

Sean Williams is done for the season and his career at Boston College is over. He was apparently content to put in a half-season of work to make his case for NBA GM’s. BC’s loss is our gain – we now will get a better idea of what he really meant to them defensively. The […]

Before I get into the e-mails, how about some love for the Missouri State Bears? One of the more underrated teams last season, they are at it again. I mean, Wisconsin would be the #1 team in the land right now were it not for MSU’s win over them in November. And consider the Bears’ […]

Game Plan

[This post was scrubbed and updated on 1/22/11] Just like just about everything on this site, the Game Plan feature is built on the ideas of Dean Oliver. Please buy his book. The first part is a sortable list of the four factors for each game played so far. Remember that I have to do […]

I should do a companion piece to last season’s post at about this time. But instead, just a couple comments sparked by the coverage of the game. At some point in the first half, Len Elmore referred to Greg Paulus’ freshman season as “extraordinary”. If he meant this in a bad way, I could see […]

Ken, The other night I got a career high 21 minutes. I went 7-11 for 15 points, had 6 boards and not turnovers, and it was against a top 50 defense this time. I am currently the most efficient high-usage player in the country and sitting on the bench half the game. Just thought I’d […]