Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pre-season ratings have been posted for the upcoming season. When I first started doing these before the 2011 season, I thought I was pretty awesome. It was kind of a big deal to get every team’s lineup data, mix in some limited recruiting info, and produce a rating that wasn’t laughably horrible. But then Hanner […]

Conference USA radically changed its membership in the offseason, but one thing it didn’t change is its refusal to conduct a preseason basketball poll for men’s basketball. It’s an odd tradition for a conference that suffers from an identity crisis. Motto for CUSA basketball: “Hey, we don’t want you to know who might finish where […]

You asked for it for years, America, and now you’re getting it. The algorithm behind the Pomeroy Ratings is getting some tweaks to handle runaway scoring margins. Back before anybody knew about my work, I would do ratings of all kinds of sports. You haven’t lived until you’ve attempted to do ratings for the Western […]