Monthly Archives: April 2004

Frank Haith recently made the jump from associate head coach at Texas to head coach at Miami Florida. However, his chances for success in his first head coaching job are slim. I think it’s safe to say that Miami comes into the ACC at the bottom, having won a combined 25 games over the last […]

During tourney-time, I played with some stats on how efficient teams were on offense and defense. In order to best evaluate this, one should look at how well a team does per possession, as opposed to per game or per minute. For instance Billy Tubbs’ Lamar team averaged 79.1 points per game last season, good […]

Hoops season is over, but there are all sorts of things for one to occupy the offseason with. Right now it’s coaching changes and early entries. Today, I’ll focus on the coaching changes of note, which are less notable than last year. St. John’s (Mike Jarvis out, ??? in) It’s hard to say what the […]

I don’t know exactly how much depth helps a team. But the way things shook out on Semi-final Saturday, having something more than warm bodies on the bench can be the difference between winning and losing. Georgia Tech is headed to the final game after having survived two previous games without any production from its […]