Monthly Archives: November 2014

This is the weekly column where I take a look at least-likely comebacks, biggest upsets, and other extremes in the college hoops universe over the past week. There’s also a dash of Alan Williams news and other random thoughts. Just read it. Public service message: Currently, Division-I teams are 129-0 against teams not in Division-I. […]

You can’t make many sweeping judgments three days into the season, especially with so few compelling games being played. Favorites in my system have gone 168-20 so far, which is not testimony to the greatness of my preseason ratings, but that a simple preseason rating algorithm can easily predict winners with so many mismatches on […]

With the season upon us, I thought I’d take some time to summarize some of the new information available I put on the site over the summer. If you’ve paid close attention to my twitter feed, then these aren’t new. But most people don’t, so here goes. – Conference historical summaries. If you want a […]

Who’s going to be the best three-point shooter in the land this season? If you can predict that, you can call yourself very good at predicting things although I would call you very lucky. I don’t have any special powers here, but I thought it might be fun to put together five shooters that would […]

The anticipation for preseason ratings is an interesting thing. People like to talk about the projections, poke holes in them, figure out why their team is underrated. But obviously, no team is bound by the shackles of its preseason forecast. Oregon State is predicted to finish last in the Pac-12 by most robots (and humans, […]

Which two teams have gone the longest without losing on the same day? You might not care but regardless, I feel I have an obligation to tell you. Your indifference only motivates me to continue to track this fact with the intensity of 1000 red suns. If you’re new here, you can check out past […]

With the release of the first AP poll last Friday, it’s time for a refresher on the historic value of those rankings. The preseason AP poll is not going to tell you exactly how the season will play out, but given the poll has a long track record, we can use history to tell us […]