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While tables of numbers have their place, no fan should have to scroll to see their team’s rating. For that reason, I have been spending the past few weeks building a handy visualization called D-I Universe. It’s probably a little different than anything you have seen before, but I think it’s the best way to […]

One of the more curious nuggets to come from the NCAA’s release of the NET was its decision to ignore scoring margin in overtime games. Any use of ‘artificial intelligence’ would have revealed that overtime scoring margin is just as useful for evaluating team strength as regular season scoring margin. The simplest way to demonstrate […]

Who likes it when players get into foul trouble? Well, maybe nobody, but it’s one of the most interesting strategic aspects of college basketball. While people have been thinking about ways to eliminate the individual limit on personal fouls, I’d feel very strongly about preserving the five-foul limit if officiating were perfect. Mainly because I […]

There are a few ways to analyze something but using the wisdom of the crowd is one my favorites. Of course, it depends on the particular crowd. Me, I’d prefer to use the crowd that bets money on things. Anyone can make predictions but history shows the best ones are made by people that put […]

Hey coaches! Need a hand filling out your schedule for the the 2018-19 season? I can’t play matchmaker but I can provide you a spreadsheet with a first cut of expected ratings for every team next season. These ratings use the same method that has produced the preseason ratings on my site in previous seasons. […]

Elite8 Final4 Final Champ 1E Villanova 72.5 48.5 31.1 23.3 2MW Duke 81.1 54.0 28.8 20.4 4W Gonzaga 68.9 40.0 25.9 10.7 2E Purdue 61.1 26.3 13.7 8.7 3W Michigan 62.3 32.7 20.0 7.8 5S Kentucky 63.6 37.7 17.8 5.8 1MW Kansas 53.9 22.2 8.5 4.8 7S Nevada 56.9 27.6 11.4 3.2 5MW Clemson 46.1 […]

Rd2 Swt16 Elite8 Final4 Final Champ 1E Villanova 97.4 81.9 62.5 43.7 28.7 18.1 1S Virginia 96.7 78.1 59.9 41.4 28.9 17.6 2MW Duke 95.9 80.3 51.8 36.9 20.7 12.1 2S Cincinnati 87.3 62.8 42.1 21.8 13.1 6.6 2E Purdue 94.3 68.7 45.8 22.7 12.4 6.6 2W North Carolina 95.9 70.9 43.6 25.8 12.4 5.7 […]

If you are looking my annual conference tournament probabilities, they are being posted to my twitter account.