Monthly Archives: October 2005


As some of you have discovered, a first attempt at schedules has been posted. As always, corrections are encouraged. I am going to be on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so if you don’t get a prompt response to your e-mails, that’s why.

I love it when data speaks for itself. It doesn’t happen often, but I believe I’ve found one of those cases. When it was revealed last summer that the RPI would be altered to give an undisclosed bonus to road wins and then when the formula was announced last summer, it was hailed as a […]


As a stat-head, I’m not one that believes in hot streaks or clutch plays. That’s not to say that such things should be banned from the sports vernacular, just that they aren’t skills people have or can acquire. I do believe that people tend to perform better under pressure, be it in basketball or any […]