Monthly Archives: March 2011

It is not easy to pull off upsets in the NCAA tournament. Despite claims that there is more parity in college basketball this season, the first two rounds of this season’s tournament did not provide any more upsets than last year. (The average seed of the remaining 16 teams is exactly the same as last […]

(Now updated for Sunday’s events) With conference tourney season over today, it’s a good time to review how log5 performed and it outperformed seeding pretty well. Teams given the best chance to win its tourney by log5 won 12 15 times heading into Sunday, while the top seeds won just seven eight. No one-seed deemed […]

Jimmer Fredette’s 52-point outburst yesterday against New Mexico in the Mountain West Conference semi-finals obviously highlighted his ability to score, but it also continued an upward trend on his ability to take shots. Since Brandon Davies went down, Fredette has taken a whopping 47% of BYU’s shots while he’s in the game. That the kind […]

I’ll be back on April 7 to crown the national kPOY as well as each conference’s (and independents!) kPOY’s as well. There’s definitely going to be suspense depending on how BYU, Duke, Ohio State, and Purdue play the rest of the way, so be sure to tune in. Thanks for all of your interest in […]

There were a couple of interesting pieces last week related to the importance of road play in evaluating a team’s postseason prospects. But both left me unconvinced that anyone should be emphasizing road play in particular when evaluating a team’s ability. First, there was a piece by Graham Watson at The Dagger (Will poor road […]

Jimmer Fredette expanded his lead further last week, due mostly to his team’s ascension in the rankings. The Wooden and Naismith are going to go to Fredette and it’s looking increasing likely the kPOY will as well. For all the fuss over Fredette’s dip in efficiency, what’s been lost is his in increase in usage. […]