I’ll be back on April 7 to crown the national kPOY as well as each conference’s (and independents!) kPOY’s as well. There’s definitely going to be suspense depending on how BYU, Duke, Ohio State, and Purdue play the rest of the way, so be sure to tune in. Thanks for all of your interest in this season’s award!

Standings through Monday’s games. For those new here, this is an explanation of the kPOY.)

1. Jimmer Fredette, Brigham Young (Rating of .525, last week: 1st)
2. Nolan Smith, Duke (.506, LW: 2nd)
3. Jared Sullinger, Ohio St. (.502, LW: 4th)
4. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue (.499, LW: 3rd)
5. Jon Leuer, Wisconsin (.443, LW: 5th)
6. Jordan Hamilton, Texas (.429, LW: 6th)
7. Kawhi Leonard, San Diego St. (.417, LW: 10th)
8. Terrence Jones, Kentucky (.402, LW: 9th)
9. E’Twaun Moore, Purdue (.394, LW: 7th)
10. Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin (.392, LW: 8th)