Monthly Archives: December 2010

Let’s start this week’s kPOY update with an e-mail. Ken, Neat idea.  Just curious if you were concerned about using raw totals not adjusted for the level of competition?  I suppose the team strength brings that into play, but doesn’t Jimmer Fredette have some kind of advantage over most of the rest of the players […]

Response to the initial announcement of the kPOY has been overwhelming. I’ve received correspondence from as far away as Ohio and while there have been many different questions, the most common one involves who would have won the award in past seasons. We only have comprehensive and accurate tempo-free player stats going back to the […]

Question – when Texas A&M beat Washington 63-62 in College Station last Saturday, were you convinced that the Aggies were the better team? If you are like most fans and media members, you were. However, if anything, that result proved the opposite. Fortunately, there are plenty of rematches in the sport, so one can use […]

The only frustration of following college hoops is that it’s impossible to follow everything. And I don’t like trusting The Man to tell me what I’ve missed, because The Man is missing stuff, too. That premise is the basis for this site, and it’s also the basis for America’s newest player of the year award. […]

Here at, we care deeply about how well our predictions do. It’s one thing to say you’ve picked 76% of winners, but that’s a meaningless statistic, especially in a sport with as many mismatches as college hoops. That’s why this season we are tracking the performance of our forecasts. Eventually, we’ll use this information […]