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With 23 seconds left in Tuesday’s Memphis-Xavier game, the Tigers’ Chris Crawford took an open three-pointer that would have given his team a two-point lead. He missed and Memphis went on to lose. The shot ended up being a referendum on the quality of Memphis’ 17-game winning streak. Had they won, this would have been […]

Over the next three weeks, the usual conversation will take place regarding the selection process. We are pretty certain to hear two things from bracketologists: 1. This is the weakest bubble ever. Or at the very least, “this bubble is so weak.” Of course it is! You are are dealing with the 45th to 50th […]

Continuing my infinity-part series on three-point defense, I’d like to further pin down just how much control a defense can possibly have on its opponents’ three-point shooting. To take a better stab at this, I looked at every D-I team and determined how many more three-point misses their opponents had over what one would expect […]

I’m a little late to the party on discussing the fouling-up-3 strategy, but for a while I’ve been wanting to interrogate play-by-play data to get a handle on the approach. Not that it matters, but I’ve believed it usually makes sense to foul in these situations and it’s been heartening to see that analysts across […]

My biggest dream for this season was to come up with a way to slow down time. I don’t want to extend the college hoops season – it’s long enough – but every year the season starts and then a few days later it’s February 8 and some teams only have six conference games left […]

I always wonder why analysts get away with saying a team is good at “rebounding”, thereby conflating both offensive and defensive aspects to the skill. Nobody says a team is good at “turnovers” or “shooting” and means that to say a team is good at those things both offensively and defensively. Before you send the […]

[This is a post by Jordan Sperber, who runs the fabulous Hoop Vision blog. He’s also on twitter and you can follow him @hoopvision68. Over the summer, we (mostly he) charted a bunch of 3-point shots to learn more about rebounding. It was painful and time-consuming, but we learned a lot.] Over the past several […]

Here are the five most dominant seven-game stretches in conference play since 2000, ranked by aggregate margin of victory: 05 Louisville 214 (Games 2-8) 11 Belmont 210 (Games 2-8) 00 Stanford 207 (Games 9-15) 13 Florida 198 (Games 1-7) 04 St. Joe’s 183 (Games 3-9) While Florida’s run has been impressive and unusual, it’s not […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Louisville 64, Pitt 61 [57] (Monday) A deceptive three-point win as the Cards held a comfortable lead most of the way. Who knows how this kind of stuff will work in the future Big East, but this was played as a traditional Big East contest in […]