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One of the more annoying things about preparing for a game is figuring out which players are available for action. I’ve made a small but useful change to the player stats section on the team page to help interested parties figure this out. Players that have missed their team’s last game have their game total […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) North Carolina 79, UNLV 73 [72]. (Saturday) Nice win for the Tar Heels, especially without Reggie Bullock. A win Sunday at Virginia will be more impressive but probably get less fanfare. I can feel a post coming on about how the media undervalues the invisible powers […]

There were only 15 games played this week, thus there’s limited action to review… The 3 2 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Arizona 68, San Diego State 67 [68]. (Tuesday) The Wildcats got a game-saving block from Nick Johnson on Chase Tapley’s lay-up with three second to go to seal the win. Jamaal […]

Now that nearly every team has played at least 10 games, one might think we have enough data to form an accurate assessment of any team based on what they have done on the court this season. Then why still have the influence of pre-season ratings in the current ratings? Because you actually don’t have […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Kansas 74, Ohio State 66 [72]. (Saturday) Deshaun Thomas took just four two-point shots, his fewest total of the season, as Kansas held Ohio State under a point per possession for the third time in the last 12.5 months. That’s the Jeff Withey Effect. 2) Missouri […]

The Diamond Head Classic (bracket) tips off today in Honolulu, with semi-final action continuing Sunday and the title game slated for Christmas. It’s really the ultimate in top-heavy fields, with four possible at-large teams and four others who most certainly will not be at-large teams. So the first round may not be all that compelling, […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Texas 85, North Carolina 67 [81]. (Wednesday) As usual, a high point total draws attention to UNC’s defense. Giving up 85 points to Texas is nothing to be proud of, but the game did have 81 possessions. Let’s give a jersey pop to the Texas defense. […]

Sometime in the last week or two, and I seriously don’t remember when, I was watching a broadcast and it was mentioned that one of the participating teams tracks how well it shoots free throws in the last five minutes. I don’t think I heard an explanation of why they were doing it. It could […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Arizona 65, Florida 64 [59]. (Saturday) ‘Twas a low-scoring game, but not necessarily a defensive battle since there were only 59 possessions. For the AP voters that are going to put Arizona above Florida this week (which is almost all of you, I’m guessing), it’s worth […]

Box scores

Box scores have been added to the site. They are linked to the scores on each team’s page. Let’s get this out of the way first: They are only available for this season and will likely never be available for any previous seasons. If you’re a seasoned user of advanced statistics, then the data doesn’t […]