Monthly Archives: December 2012

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) Tennessee 69, Wichita State 60 [63]. (Thursday) The Shockers suffered their first loss of the season as Cleanthony Early had the most miserable game of his D-I tenure, missing all five field goal attempts and disqualifying himself in 17 minutes. 2) Belmont 64, Middle Tennessee 49 […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) UNLV 76, Cal 75 [74]. (Sunday) I never thought I’d be able to talk about a game where Quintrell Thomas played a key role in the outcome. After being a highly touted prep prospect, he spent his first three college seasons coming off the bench. Things […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) N.C. State 69, UConn 65 [62]. UConn’s Niels Giffey and Tyler Olander played 39 minutes and took a total of one shot. I can’t say there was anything else noteworthy about this one. As expected, the Wolfpack prevailed in a close game. 2) Georgetown 64, Texas […]

Saturday night, somebody noticed that Saint Louis had a horrible defensive 3P%. The first effects of the post-Rick Majerus era, right? Not really. It’s because the defense has little control over its opponents’ 3P%. As an illustration, let’s look at the best and worst “three-point defenses” in previous seasons on December 4th, and examine how […]

Play-by-play theater is a recurring feature where I use the comprehensive play-by-play archive from the past three-plus seasons (a total of 17,309 games and counting) to hunt for extreme, and possibly silly, events that have occurred in a college basketball game. The NCAA keeps tabs on scoreless streaks, but their records are only for one […]

The 3 most appealing games (according to FanMatchTM): 1) San Diego State 78, UCLA 69 [70]. (Saturday) Not much to see here as the Aztecs took control in the second half. At what point can we declare Jordan Adams as UCLA’s best freshman? He makes 2’s, makes 3’s, and gets to the free throw line, […]