Monthly Archives: April 2006

In case you haven’t noticed, the offseason will be reserved for administrative notes in this space. In this instance, I’d like to direct you to individual stats from the 2004-05 season, which I just posted. In doing so, I’ve noticed there is a select group of guys that posts a Block Rate of at least […]

I’ve changed assist rate to something more consistent with the tempo-free philosophy. It’s now assists divided by teammates’ made field goals, scaled for playing time. Thus, like rebound percentage, turnover rate, steal percentage, and block percentage, it is based on opportunities available. The leaderboard contains the people you would expect to see there. For the […]

Florida 73, UCLA 57 1 – Not much analysis needed here. The “knowns” discussed yesterday worked out pretty well. Florida struggled from beyond the arc (6 of 19), Afflalo (3 of 10, 10 points) and Brewer (4 of 12, 11 points) played to an inefficient draw. That left Farmar to overachieve offensively. He put up […]

The Final Four games were totally lacking in anything resembling excitement. But there’s good news on the way. For tonight’s game, the efficiency model predicts 62.9 points for Florida and it predicts 62.9 points for UCLA. So maybe we’ll cap this wacky event with some late-game drama, because the matchup couldn’t be any more even. […]

Florida 73, George Mason 58 [60 possessions] – Wonk’s lecture on eFG% from yesterday applies here. There’s a sense that Florida didn’t shoot that well by virtue of their 43.4 FG%. But going 12-25 from 3 makes their eFG% a gaudy 54.7, while Mason shot only 42.9% by that measure. And that was the difference. […]

1) The AP revealed yesterday that their Coach of the Year award went to Roy Williams. Here’s how the voting went: Roy Williams 29 Jay Wright 15 Bruce Pearl 11 Bill Self 7 Thad Matta 5 John Calipari 2 Karl Hobbs 1 Ben Howland 1 Al Skinner 1 My first reaction to this list was, […]