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Ken, Road wins by mid major programs in preconference games are rare.  Tonight, Albany made 0 free throws and won @ Utah.  Given the home team often picks officials from their own conference that they have seen and will see several times, this is particularly amazing.  I’m trying to find out how many times a […]

Not a lot of activity on the e-mail front this week, so you’re stuck with a list of miscellaneous thoughts today. – Luke Harangody’s line last night: 18 minutes, 10 points, 12 boards, and 4 assists. I know it was only against Army, but Harangody does this every game. EVERY GAME, people! This is exactly […]

In the spectrum of opinions on the legitimacy of mid-major hoops there are two extremes. At one end is the view that any time a mid-major beats a major, it was because the major underperformed for some reason. In other words, the mid-major gets under-credited. At the other end is the view that any time […]

I’ve added a little more to this page, based on some of the e-mail I’ve received. I still have more planned…

I think every Friday I’ll just answer e-mail. It’s getting really tough to respond to even the good e-mailers, so I’ll pick the best ones during the week to answer here. You’ll recall last week I posed the question as to how good you thought Air Force really was. San Diego State spoiled my polling […]

I cranked some individual stats yesterday and have posted them through Saturday’s games on the scouting reports. Keep in mind that these are about the only thing on the site that includes stats against non Division I teams. I don’t like it, but it’s the easiest way to do it. While I’m at it, I […]

Predictions are up. Yes, they’re crazy, and not too meaningful right now. You really don’t have to e-mail me about it. I know Butler is not going 30-1. Check back in a couple weeks on this stuff. Speaking of e-mail, let’s try a new feature. I give you something to think about for the weekend, […]

It’s a little late, but here’s the annual interview with Longwood head coach Mike Gillian. One of the guys I root for, because, well, he reads my web site. Previous interviews from 2004 and 2005 are available for a little background. In Year 2 of Longwood’s Division I odyssey, the Lancers posted a record of […]

[The ratings methodology was given a tweak before the 2014 season. See this for the details. -kp] [Also see this page for an explanation on adjusted efficiency calculations. -kp] The first thing you should know about this system is that it is designed to be purely predictive. If you’re looking for a system that rates […]

Contrary to how it may appear, this portion of the site is not quite dead, yet. I’m feverishly catching up on e-mail from the holiday weekend. One question I’ve been getting a lot has to do with when predictions will be posted. We’re still on the fringe of having meaningful ratings, and hence, meaningful predictions. […]