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If anyone knows something about this guy, I’d love to hear it. All I know is this: – He took over as Idaho State’s coach this season after winning 300+ games at the juco level. – One of his assistants is former prep phenom Rodrick Rhodes. – He inherited a team that finished last in […]

I know, there’s been a stunning lack of posting here. (But did you see that post I did on Oral Roberts a while back? It’s sort of timely now.) What’s coming in the future… A thorough explanation of my power ratings, including what all those columns mean. The annual sit-down with Longwood head coach Mike […]

Tonight is the real tip-off of college basketball, with a majority of schools (or nearly so, I haven’t counted) beginning their season. As usual, I’ll be trying to document the surprises that slip under the national radar. If my calculations are correct, one of those will be Maarty Leunen of the Oregon Ducks, a team […]

For the record, last night’s Maryland/Hampton game had an estimated 96 possessions. That would have ranked as the third-most hectic game for all of last season. The 54 free throws shot by Maryland would have been second-most in a game (55 by Penn vs. Navy, 12/2/05).

As many of you have noticed, things have been behind schedule around here. I mentioned it a few times last season, but the old-style Pomeroy Ratings are going away this season in favor of a system based on basketball things. Due to this, there won’t be any preseason ratings. We’ll just watch it evolve together […]

Game Time

So, yeah, here it is. The Big 12 preview in all its glory. I can’t guarantee it’s the best preview out there, but it is different from anything you’ve read this season. Much thanks to the Big Ten Wonk for providing the conference-only stats you’ll find in there. Be sure to check out his Big […]

It probably goes without saying, but I’m on hiatus until my Big 12 preview is complete. And I know I said it would be October, but don’t expect it until Halloween. I hope it will be worth your wait…

It’s time for the annual look at luck. In order to keep things fresh, I’m throwing my old buddy Pythagoras to the curb and leaning on a new pal, Karl Friedrich Gauss, to show us the way to the luckiest and unluckiest teams in the game last season. You see, past versions of this post […]

I think it’s safe to say that normally, when a team loses just one starter and returns its entire bench corps, we can expect that team to improve the following season. Especially when the departing player wasn’t drafted and wasn’t picked on the top two all-conference teams in his conference. (OK, technically, he was second […]

Let’s just say it wasn’t the most scientific survey ever conducted. It was basically a contest to see who could build the best vote-casting robot. While it was flattering to see the lengths people would go to in order to push their conference to victory, I do realize that about 30 fans cast these votes. […]