I know, there’s been a stunning lack of posting here. (But did you see that post I did on Oral Roberts a while back? It’s sort of timely now.) What’s coming in the future…

A thorough explanation of my power ratings, including what all those columns mean.

The annual sit-down with Longwood head coach Mike Gillian. Hey, they’re 2-1! (It’s not such big news, though, compared to Savannah State, NJIT, and Texas-Pan American being a combined 9-0 at the moment.)

And exciting things like e-mail and blogroll policies!

For today though, I’d like to add a player to the all-kenpom.com team. I already have Maarty in middle. Today, you can meet my point guard. He’s UW-Milwaukee’s Allan Hanson, and he makes the team with the most bizarre shooting stats in the nation.

Season  2PM-2PA     3PM-3PA
2005      3-22        3-10
2006      2-28       21-45
2007      0-5         7-18
Career    5-55       31-73

Yes, you read that correct. Hanson shoots 9% on 2’s and 42% on 3’s, and we’re not exactly looking at a small sample size. A statistical freak show like that can start for me any day.