Monthly Archives: January 2004

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me regarding the tournament resume page. There were a few things wrong with it, mainly the fact that when some teams were selected, another team’s data would pop up. It should be alright now. In my last comment before I left everyone to fend for themselves, I mentioned how Utah […]


Sorry, but there will be no daily updates this week. The next update will be on Saturday morning, 1/31. In other news, I have posted the “compare tournament resume” function on the RPI page. This feature allows you to compare two teams and get the basic information the committee will rely on to make its […]

Air Force hosts Utah tonight. The football version of this matchup resulted in a 45-43 victory for Utah. This game could end up with a similar score. However if it’s going to be that high scoring, it’s probably going to need 3 overtimes like the football game. Air Force is coming off a game where […]

What a great pair of games tonight both filled with oddities. In falling to Florida State, North Carolina did something they have never done before – blow a 24 point lead and lose. In losing to Richmond, Kansas did something they haven’t done in over a decade – lose a non-conference game to an unranked […]

Matt from Indiana offers this… First of all, I love your site, keep up the good work. Secondly, it’s been a rough year for Indiana fans this season. However, just when everyone was giving up, we have reeled off three straight wins. What will it take for the Hoosiers to get into the tournament? We […]

That would be my name for the Atlantic 10 this year. St. Joe’s has a legitimate shot to enter the NCAA tourney unbeaten, partially because they are very good and partially because the rest of their conference is down this year. I wouldn’t bet on the Hawks pulling it off, but their chances are much […]


I have added a page that answers some of the questions I routinely get on the RPI. See it here.

I will not be able to update the ratings again until Friday morning 1/15 at approximately 9:30 AM EST.

I learned about two highly rated teams last night… Cincinnati, in their first real test of the year and I think their first national TV appearance, shined on the road against Marquette. As usual the Bearcats are filled with a bunch of rail-thin athletes (except for Maxiell) that have 40″ verticals and 6 foot long […]

Andy Katz reported today that the 3-point line will remain at its current location for another year. The main reason is that there appears to be much reluctance to going with the international-style trapezoid lane. It would be nice to see the data that came out of the exempt games this year where these rules […]