Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me regarding the tournament resume page. There were a few things wrong with it, mainly the fact that when some teams were selected, another team’s data would pop up. It should be alright now.

In my last comment before I left everyone to fend for themselves, I mentioned how Utah coach Rick Majerus would not be too pleased if Air Force shot better than 50% from the field. Well, it turns out Air Force did, and Majerus took it worse than I thought. By now most people are aware that Majerus nearly had a heart attack on the Tuesday following the game. Majerus has announced his resignation following the season, although it’s unclear whether he will return to the bench before the season ends. He needs to make shedding 100 pounds his top priority, so this is obviously a good decision. He’ll be a very entertaining TV analyst next year.

With the win at Vanderbilt, South Carolina appears to be for real. I wouldn’t know, because they’re not on TV all that often. They apparently like to play rough (dirty?) and their style might be suited more for an ice rink. This team warrants a little more analysis, which I’ll give them if they get by Ole Miss today.

A great atmosphere will surround the Saint Joseph’s/Temple game today. The guards for SJU will get their share of open looks, and then some. If they aren’t cold, the game won’t be very close like the two meetings last year between these teams.

The game I want to see will be Duke/Georgia Tech. Duke is fast becoming the favorite to win it all, and a road win against the Jackets would cement that notion.