Monthly Archives: February 2011

Over the next ten days, log5 tables for conference tournaments will be posted over at Prospectus.

For ever and ever, analysts have put an emphasis on a team’s performance on the road when evaluating them. But is there such a thing as an otherwise great team being inherently bad on the road, even when taking home-court advantage into account? I don’t know the answer to that nor, I suspect, does anybody […]

The current record holder for three-point accuracy in a season is Glenn Tropf who made 52 of his 82 attempts (63.4%) for Holy Cross in the 1988 season. Arizona’s Derrick Williams has made 27 of his 40 attempts so far this season, which is good for 67.5%. Of all the things Williams has done this […]

This week’s update of the kPOY sees Nolan Smith move into second as he continues his high-usage, efficient play, which is especially impressive considering Kyle Singler continues to misfire on a frequent basis. Meanwhile, Jared Sullinger posted a meager 11 and 2 in a win over Michigan State and then a more kPOY-like 25 and […]


Included in discussion of the media mock-bracket exercise held by the NCAA last week has been the usual chatter about using more advanced methods in the selection room. I went on record last season with my thoughts on the process – those remain unchanged, so no need to repeat them here. My point today is […]

Nearly two weeks ago, Wyoming decided to part ways with head coach Heath Schroyer. The national media didn’t care much until Steve Fisher decided to speak up on the MWC media teleconference last Monday, calling the move “inexcusable”. Actually, even at that point they didn’t care much until Fisher was reprimanded by the conference for […]

Slight changes at the top of the standings this week. Jimmer Fredette takes over first, largely on the strength of his team’s 38-point win at Air Force (who is probably better than you think). Fredette somehow logged 35 minutes in that one. Perhaps Dave Rose is angling for the kPOY? Nolan Smith moves into third […]

Making predictions: fun! Looking back on predictions: less fun! But that is what this post is about. I promise some thought-provoking stuff soon. There are only a handful of conference games left and we have a pretty good idea as to the quality of the conference simulations run back on January 3rd. The facts are […]

There are no striking changes in the standings this week, so let me just say that it was nice to hear so many people criticize the Cousy Award for omitting Jordan Taylor from its list of ten finalists. Yay, assist-to-turnover ratio! (I’m actually not that big of a fan.) But also, for scoring 30 points […]

I wanted the premise of this piece to be that people were thinking the Spartans could really use Korie Lucious about now. It turns out almost nobody is making that case. However, there’s still the notion that for tourney purposes, Michigan State must now be judged without Lucious, which in this case is unfair. Tom […]