There are no striking changes in the standings this week, so let me just say that it was nice to hear so many people criticize the Cousy Award for omitting Jordan Taylor from its list of ten finalists. Yay, assist-to-turnover ratio! (I’m actually not that big of a fan.) But also, for scoring 30 points in a 54-possession game. That’s the big issue, people – Taylor’s team has fewer possessions to rack up counting stats than any other team in the country.  And yet, he’s still racking them up, and doing so with a historically low turnover rate.

At any rate, the race for the kPOY hasn’t changed at the top. This is when I remind everyone how postseason games count in the kPOY, something the “other guys” can’t say. It’s probably for the best that the Wooden and Naismith don’t include postseason games because I fear they would tend to overrate them. With this award the NCAA tournament will just be more games, a tiebreaker of sorts. And if the race continues to be this close entering the tourney (and that’s not a given), it only makes sense to have a high-stakes method of breaking the stalemate.

(Standings through Sunday’s games.)

1. Jared Sullinger, Ohio St. (Rating of .527, last week: 1st)
2. Jimmer Fredette, Brigham Young (.521, LW: 2nd)
3. Jon Leuer, Wisconsin (.491, LW: 6th)
4. Nolan Smith, Duke (.491, LW: 7th)
5. Jordan Hamilton, Texas (.477, LW: 3rd)
6. Terrence Jones, Kentucky (.457, LW: 4th)
7. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue (.444, LW: 8th)
8. Kemba Walker, Connecticut (.421, LW: 5th)
9. Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin (.416, LW: 10th)
10. Kawhi Leonard, San Diego St. (.379, LW: 9th)