As many of you have noticed, things have been behind schedule around here. I mentioned it a few times last season, but the old-style Pomeroy Ratings are going away this season in favor of a system based on basketball things. Due to this, there won’t be any preseason ratings. We’ll just watch it evolve together through the first weeks.

In addition, the functionality of the power ratings page will take a while to spin up. Eventually, I will have a game-by-game listing of the four factors on each team’s schedule page, along with predictions rooted in the adjusted efficiency equations and Bill James’ log5 creation. This will add a little more meat to the “scouting report” concept I’m trying to provide for each team. But with my additional duties providing statistical packages for selected ESPN telecasts, this will be a slower process than usual.

Of course, there are other things I have to do for this site, also. Like write up something that explains what each of the columns on the new power ratings page means. Most of you can figure them out if you’ve been around here frequently, but folks hopping on the bandwagon in February will need help.

In the meantime, have you read my Big 12 preview?