With the season upon us, I thought I’d take some time to summarize some of the new information available I put on the site over the summer. If you’ve paid close attention to my twitter feed, then these aren’t new. But most people don’t, so here goes.

– Conference historical summaries. If you want a clearer picture of how fast a conference has played at since 2002 or how many wins it has taken to win the league title, the conference historical summary is your place. It also provides a useful reference for membership changes. (Accessible by clicking All on the conference standings page.)

– Souped-up lineup info. If you were around at the end of last season, you saw that I posted the most frequently used lineups for each team on the team page. I’ve added some visual markup to those which depict the usage and perimeter shooting tendencies of each player.

– Depth charts. I’ve added depth charts to the team page as well. It’s all dependent on my yet-to-be-patented position identification technology, which is guaranteed to be 80% accurate in identifying a player’s correct position. Keep in mind it may take a few days into the season for these to appear. And like almost everything on my site, this information ignores games against non D-I teams.

– Opponent tracker. Opponent tracker will allow you to rank a team’s opponents by various stats. You can find things like which or your opponents has the best offense or lowest turnover percentage and other stuff. (Accessible by clicking the opponent tracker link above a team’s schedule on the team page.)

– Benchwarmers added to roster. Many years ago when I set up the player stats, I made it so a player had to appear in 10 percent of his team’s minutes to show up on the player page. Sample size and all that. But sometimes, there are important players like Creighton’s Zach Hanson or Florida’s Chris Walker that don’t make that threshold and we still want to either acknowledge their existence. So now all players that play between 2 and 10 percent of their team’s minutes show up in the benchwarmers category.

– Career shooting numbers added to player summary. Nothing huge here, but on the player summary I have a player’s career shooting numbers. This is actually a good time to remind you that starting with last season, I no longer count player stats against non D-I opponents, so what you see on my site may differ from what you see in other publications.

– kPOY tracking all season. This year, I’ve turned on the kPOY computer at the start of the season for entertainment purposes. The kPOY leaderboard may look absurd for the first month of the season and slightly goofy for a month after that. But hey, when Eastern Washington’s Venky Jois goes for 20 and 12 tomorrow morning, we’ll all get a kick about him being the early frontrunner for the kPOY, yes? (accessible by clicking on the player stats link at the top of the page, then clicking on kPOY.)

– 2002 season data. I’ve added tempo-free stats for the 2002 season. Player data is available for a limited number of teams.

More stuff is coming. I’ll have player stats for conference games only, a tool to more easily see trends in playing time and other cool things. Stay tuned!