Monthly Archives: February 2006

I should have mentioned it yesterday, but there’s an interesting chapter in Basketball on Paper where Dean Oliver gets into the subject of how bad officiating can affect games. Basically, the idea is that a random assortment of missed calls will tend to help the underdog over the course of a season. It gets to […]

So this whole thing about Duke getting all the calls has been beat to death repeatedly over the past week. But I’m still going to chime in with a few tidbits on how the Devils stack up statistically in the fouling department. Let’s start by looking at where Duke ranks nationally in a couple of […]

I am still working on my little Duke exposé, or whatever you want to call it. I’ll try to post it Monday. Line o’ the Night FG 3pt FT Reb Min M-A M-A M-A O-T A F S TO BLK Pts Kevin Pittsnogle 26 0-12 0-6 0-0 1-2 0 5 2 4 1 0 Result: […]

Maybe I’ll make this a regular Thursday feature. It’s an effective way to maintain my laziness and continue to churn out content. First up, we have someone who can navigate the NCAA web site better than me: Ken, It’s been three years since the last 50-point game. Here are all the D-I 50-point games from […]

Not much for today, since I have a column going up on later. A cool thing I came across when doing research for it was a database of boxscores for every game West Virginia has ever played. It’s an interesting page if you ever want to see the evolution of the box score. I […]

We almost saw the third of the 30+ game home winning streaks die last night, and it would have followed the precedent set by Southern Illinois and Illinois of it ending against a much inferior opponent. Gonzaga got by Saint Mary’s 62-61. It’s not often I feel confident enough to rip a coach’s decision, but […]

Friday FG 3pt FT Reb Min M-A M-A M-A O-T A F S TO BLK Pts Terrance Mouton 43 0-12 0-7 0-1 1-3 3 3 0 8 1 0 Result: Loss. Fairfield 77, Rider 69. (OT) Just so you know what a bad day looks like.   Saturday FG 3pt FT Reb Min M-A M-A […]

You all can exhale now. The NCAA updated their RPI to correct a lot (but not all) of the errors in it. Let’s close out the week with some more e-mail from witty and thoughtful readers. Ken, Do you really think Georgetown is better than GW?  This really boggles my mind because I think G’Towns […]

The oddity of last night was Southern Illinois’ national best 33-game home winning streak being snapped by a team that had the nation’s fourth-longest active losing streak, Indiana State. So we’re back to a four-way tie atop the MVC with six to play. Now to some e-mails… Ken, It is disconcerting to note that the […]

There have been a few comparisons made between this season’s Pitt squad and last season’s Boston College team. To refresh your memory, here are the similarites: – Both are/were Big East teams. – Both were expected to finish in the middle of the conference (Blue Ribbon had each forecasted for 6th). – Both had a […]