Hey coaches, need a hand with filling out your schedule for the the 2016-17 season? I can’t play matchmaker, but I can provide you a spreadsheet with a first cut of expected ratings for every team next season. These ratings use the same method that has produced the preseason ratings on my site in previous seasons. The projections are mostly based on the quality of returning players and previous team performance, but there is more discussion about the ingredients here.

Data provided will be a list of all 351 D-I teams with overall ranking, and national rankings in offense, defense, and tempo. In addition, for those of you that are into gaming the RPI, teams are ranked by projected conference winning percentage so you can identify opponents which may rack up plenty of wins but be relatively easy to defeat. This data can assist you in finding the type and quality of opponent you are looking for to fill out your schedule for the upcoming season and will not be shared with anyone outside the coaching community until October. Please send a message to ratings at kenpom dot com and we can discuss terms.