The Puerto Rico Tip-off starts today (it’s probably already underway by the time you read this) and the primary reason to pay attention is to witness the first test(s) for N.C. State. There’s not much depth to this field – certainly Tennessee and Oklahoma State have potential, but nobody considers them top five teams – so if the Wolfpack are a top five team, they truly have a much better chance than is listed here.

Games take place today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Numbers listed represent the chance of advancing to each round.

             Semis Final Champ
NC State      75.1  53.5  36.9
Tennessee     80.4  45.0  20.3
Oklahoma St.  60.6  32.9  14.3
UMass         57.2  21.7  11.0
Providence    42.8  13.5   5.9
Akron         39.4  17.5   5.9
Penn St.      24.9  11.3   4.9
UNC Asheville 19.6   4.7   0.8