The Charleston Classic begins today as well. Like the Puerto Rico Tip-off, it has a bit of separation between the headliner (Baylor) and the rest of the field. However, Isaiah Austin’s status is up in the air, and his absence would make the Bears slightly more beatable. Also, keep an eye on Colorado’s Andre Roberson. I bought stock in him early, but I’d like to see if his offensive game has progressed any from last season or if the presence of 6-10 freshman Josh Scott will have a negative effect on his production.

Games take place today, tomorrow, and Sunday. The College of Charleston is given half of a home-court advantage.

             Semis Final Champ
Baylor        87.4  72.4  54.7
Colorado      62.9  39.3  16.0
Murray St.    67.3  17.3   7.7
St. John's    54.0  23.8   7.6
Dayton        37.1  18.4   5.6
Charleston    46.0  18.5   5.4
Boston Coll.  12.6   5.3   1.7
Auburn        32.7   5.0   1.4