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The UNC/Georgetown game is so awesome on so many levels. One of those levels is the respective paces of each team – UNC ranks 9th fastest and Georgetown 9th slowest in the nation in adjusted tempo. And of course we’ll hear over and over from the CBS personnel how the team that controls the tempo […]

The chance of all four #1 seeds winning their Elite 8 games is 17.7%. I’ll keep you posted. Final4 Finals Champs 1 UNC 63.6 42.2 24.7 1 Kansas 63.2 38.9 22.0 1 Florida 75.6 37.1 18.8 1 Ohio St. 58.2 24.3 11.0 2 G’town 36.4 19.3 8.7 2 UCLA 36.8 18.1 7.8 2 Memphis 41.8 […]

Anybody remember Tennessee’s Josh Tabb making a three-pointer last night? He was officially credited with Chris Lofton’s first 3-ball. Thus, Lofton officially finished with 24 points when he should have had 27. [Update: Tabb hit a 3 later in the first half which was credited to Lofton. So it’s all good, I guess.] And yeah, […]

These aren’t going to change your life, but they are interesting nonetheless: – A tipster pointed out that the Texas A&M assist rate might be due in part to a friendly home scorer’s table (related article). Actually, there’s amazing evidence to that effect. I just looked at the Big XII foes that A&M plays a […]

Don’t fall into the trap that Texas A&M is led by their defense. The story with the Aggies is how incredible its offense is, especially considering how far it has come. For the moment let’s ignore history and look at the facts in efficiency terms. A&M’s offense is just as good as its defense, but […]

Here are the odds on our 16-team tourney courtesy of Mr. Picklesimer. – The chance of all four #1’s making it to Atlanta (my Doomsday Scenario) is up to 9%. If that happens, I’m not sure how I would cope. It’s comforting to know it’s still a longshot. – The “Cinderella’s Revenge” Final Four of […]

So, round 1 was a dud. But it makes us appreciate that none of this is staged, doesn’t it? Virginia 84, Albany 57 [58 possessions]. In the first 7 vs. 15 game in history, the 7-seed wins easily. Considering what Connecticut went through last season, it’s an encouraging win for the Cavaliers. UNLV 67, Georgia […]

Possessions estimated unless HD data available. Boston College 84, Texas Tech 75 [62 possessions]. The flex offense is right up there with the Princeton in terms of potency. But it just seems like the Eagles intentionally take off possessions defensively. I’d like to think this catches up with you eventually. Or, like, on Saturday, when […]

You’ll recall last year at this time, I went a little postal on how many experts were forecasting a Duke/UConn final, when such a game was much more of a longshot than the pundits’ unanimity suggested. The gutless wonders out there picking a Duke/UConn final make me laugh. I mean that could happen, but it’s […]

I’ve been under the weather, so I’m not in the mood to write much. Fortunately, these two regions are not very complicated. First, the South: 2nd Rd Sweet16 Elite8 Final4 Finals Champs 1 Ohio St. 98.62% 82.16% 68.80% 41.49% 21.00% 11.32% 3 Texas A&M 95.07% 70.87% 46.80% 27.35% 13.31% 6.91% 2 Memphis 98.03% 73.77% 34.47% […]