Most appealing game (according to FanMatchTM): Syracuse vs. San Diego State. The Orange won a predictably low scoring game, 62-49. The boat games are a bit similar to the exhibitions when a D-I team loses. There’s probably something we can take away from this game, but the combination of sun and wind makes long-range shooting impossible, which is not how indoor basketball works. There were two made three-pointers in this game and Syracuse wisely only attempted four. So judge the outcome accordingly.

Major upsets (<15% win probability): None (at least of the D-I on D-I variety).

Crazy comebacks (<3% win probability): None, although South Carolina beat Milwaukee in OT despite trailing by as many as 17 in the second half in Frank Martin’s debut. The comeback included a rather friendly whistle that sent Mindaugas Kacinas to the line with 18 seconds left in regulation, leading to the game-tying free throws. The Gamecocks rebounded almost exactly half of their misses and missed each of their 11 three-point attempts. It’s Frank’s team already.

Unbeatens remaining: 202 (21 fewer than yesterday). This includes Wisconsin, who predictably scored 19 points before its opponent, Southeastern Louisiana, scored one.

Winless teams remaining: 147 (29 fewer than yesterday). Wisconsin wasn’t involved in the most lopsided game of the day – that belonged to Florida, who kept Alabama State in this category, with an 84-35 win. At one point, the Hornets trailed 52-9. Florida and Wisconsin are matched up Wednesday in a FanMatch special.

Other notable events: Air Force took 34 threes and 15 twos in a 77-70 win at The Citadel. Elsewhere, Boston College’s Ryan Anderson had 28 points in an 84-70 win over Florida International. That’s only notable because Anderson is on my all-Ryan Anderson team of the past decade, featuring the previously-known Cal and Nebraska versions. How about a 3-on-3 team in the Olympics?

Today’s top game: Or tonight’s. Or even tomorrow morning’s if you are on the East Coast. The game I’m talking about is Davidson at New Mexico, relegated to 2 AM ET in the ESPN Tip-Off Marathon. It’s the perfect lead-in for Houston Baptist at Hawaii at 4 AM! No seriously, this should be a competitive game between teams that are probably better than “the man” (who fills out a ballot for the AP poll) wants you to believe. It’s the D-I opener for both, so anything’s possible.