[Update: 144 people responded. The median response was 27 minutes. Thanks to everyone that participated.]

As mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, I’d like to do some crowdsourcing from the people that have been generous enough to purchase a subscription to this site. Figuring that those folks are better informed than the average college hoops fan, we should take advantage of this knowledge. This evening I’d like to do an initial test of this concept by having the audience predict the number of minutes Harrison Barnes will play for North Carolina during regulation time in tonight’s game against Wisconsin. You can access the question from the banner on the home page. Obviously, you have to be logged in to participate.

The extremely basic facts pertinent to this question (I want to avoid influencing the jury with my opinions):
– Barnes rolled his ankle against UNLV last Saturday.
– He would return to the game, but leave the arena on crutches afterward.
– He will play tonight.
– Here’s his player card at ESPN for reference on his minutes played the past two seasons.

Feel free to do as much or little additional research as you want. Obviously, Barnes’ minutes will be affected by factors other than his health. His health might even be a non-factor. That is for you to judge. I wouldn’t recommend thinking about this for more than a minute or two, though.

This question will expire at 9 pm eastern and I’ll do my best to reveal the group’s opinion before tip-off. This is really a test for bugs in the code and that logistically this concept can work. I’ll record answers for each user that responds. You can submit as many answers as you want, but only the last response is recorded.