Monthly Archives: November 2012

Most appealing game (according to FanMatchTM): Princeton at Buffalo. This is what passed for appeal yesterday and it was reasonably interesting after an ugly start. The Tigers picked up a 57-53 road win despite Javon McCrea’s 22 points, which in this game felt like 35. Will Barrett’s three-pointer with 11 seconds left was the dagger. […]

[I know what you’re thinking – “Like there aren’t enough daily recap columns, Ken?” Yes, it’s another daily recap column. But this will cover some different ground from the other fine efforts out there, as it will be a bit more science-y I guess you could say. Trust me, it’ll grow on you. Just give […]

Like Topps used to issue the Topps Traded baseball card set at midseason to account for updates and omissions in its original release, I need to issue an update to the preseason ratings I issued last week. The only correction I have right now is that I included Brandyn Curry in the Harvard projection. (In […]