Like Topps used to issue the Topps Traded baseball card set at midseason to account for updates and omissions in its original release, I need to issue an update to the preseason ratings I issued last week. The only correction I have right now is that I included Brandyn Curry in the Harvard projection. (In my dream world, the Shabazz Muhammad situation gets resolved in the next 48 hours, too.) However, there may be a few other errors also. Thus, I am including a link to the list of returning players I used.

Nobody’s under any obligation to check the file, but if you thought I was way off on a team (especially after reading the explanation of how the ratings are constructed), you can check the list to see if I’ve made a mistake on who’s returning, and report to me any errors you encounter by Wednesday.

Each player listed had to appear in at least 10% of his teams minutes last season *and* be expected to play (for the same team) at some point this season. So even players that are going to be out for a few weeks are listed. But players that played, for example, a total of 42 minutes last season are not. Basically, they had to appear in the player stats section of my team page to be eligible for this list.  Gracias.

Returning player list