In an effort to keep my Ripken-eqsue streak of posting at least once a month intact, I thought I would stop by the old blog for an update. Despite the dust collecting around these parts, there is plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes.

John Gasaway and I will be rolling out a season preview sometime in October in a place on the internets that has yet to be determined. The details are still being worked out, but work is being done to provide some unique preparation for the upcoming season. There will be the team-by-team examinations like you are accustomed to from Gasaway with respect to the Big Ten and myself with respect to the Big XII, except we’ll be expanding them to more conferences and teams. Of course, there will be some other interesting content as well.

For instance, with the help of Jacob Wheatley-Schaller, I’ve collected about 2500 play-by-plays from last season. And with this, we can do all sorts of crazy things. Here’s the probability of the home team winning a college hoops game while facing a deficit of 8 points at various times during the game…

    Time Left    Win%
1st Half 15:00   46.5
         10:00   42.0
          5:00   33.5
      Halftime   26.6
2nd Half 15:00   27.7
         10:00   21.3
          5:00   11.6
          2:00    2.4

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t give away the good stuff just yet. (Actually, I am still working on it.) Anyway, we’re closer to the start of next season than the end of last season. John and I plan to make that time pass a little faster in a few weeks.