As many of you noticed, there was a problem with the games database for most of the day yesterday. While I’d prefer the data I provide be absolutely correct, the snafu did allow me to realize the interesting cross section of people that check the site. I got e-mails from many fans, nearly-famous people, and a "Damn, I can’t believe that guy has time to check the site. Let alone care about its accuracy." Thanks for keeping me in line. Surprisingly, there was not an f-bomb in the bunch. Give yourselves a round of applause.

The Stat o’ the Week is "Turnover Percentage." Once again it’s a simple one…

Turnovers / Possessions

It’s the percentage of offensive possessions that end in a turnover. I have this yet-to-be-confirmed theory that the offense owns the bulk of the responsibility in the turnover. To be overly simplistic, there are two ways a turnover occurs – a giveaway or a takeaway. In most games, it seems that the giveaways outnumber the takeaways. I don’t know what that ratio is, but I’d guess the offense is around 55-60% responsible for its ability to get a shot off.

One thing to note about turnover percentage is that teams that don’t turn it over much tend to be slower paced. The Temple’s (#1 TO%), Illinois’ (#2), and Air Force’s (#3) of the college basketball planet are willing to hold onto the ball longer to get the easiest shot possible because they know they can hold it longer. And this is reflected in their offensive efficiency (adjusted #65, #2, and #30, respectively). Butler, Drexel, Vermont, and IUPUI round out the top 7 in TO% and all have efficient, deliberate offenses.