Andy Katz has an article detailing the hopes of bubble teams after talking to some people close to the committee. (But I think it’s hard to believe Notre Dame, with an RPI of 92, still has a bid after a stinker of a performance against Rutgers). Katz knew the field before CBS did last March, and if you want to know who is in and who is out before anyone else on Sunday, you would be advised to listen to your local ESPN affiliate as I am sure Andy will be dropping some hints Sunday afternoon.

Elsewhere, Luke Winn has a comprehensive look at the selection process. What caught my eye about this is the ‘team sheet’ example presented for Illinois. All of the data looks factual…except that it lists Illinois as having played two home games against Ohio State and two road games against Purdue. And the RPI ranks of Illinois’ opponents are suspiciously close to the old RPI formula as opposed to my computation of the new formula. For instance Indiana is listed as 49 (vs. somewhere in the 70s on my page). I’m just going to assume that this is a bogus document that the NCAA floated out there because they have to be so darn secretive. But it is a little troubling to me that all aspects of Illinois’ schedule are correct (scores and opponents) except for the sites of the two games mentioned above.

I’m headed to the Mountain West tourney, so there will be no post tomorrow. I have updated the stats page and included total rebounding as the extra stat. Congrats to Washington State for taking over the honors for top defense in the nation. I’ll update the page again after Sunday’s action.