A few conference games have been played and the elusive dream of going unbeaten in conference play has ended for most. By my count there are 23 teams undefeated in conference (although this includes Princeton and Penn who have not yet played a conference game). Last season, only Butler could achieve this task. With Belmont’s win at East Tennessee State yesterday, we have our first team that has cracked the 50% mark to accomplish it. Here are the ten most likely teams to do it.

Belmont     53.9%
Oakland     32.5%
Utah St.    28.5%
St. Mary's  24.0%
Bucknell    18.7%
C. Carolina 16.7%
Texas       11.9%
BYU          8.6%
Tx Southern  8.5%
Duquesne     6.8%
Ohio St.     5.8%

There are 22 teams still winless in conference play. This is a feat that only Fordham achieved in 2010. Centenary is the only odds-on favorite and they’re banking on a home date with Western Illinois in late February to avoid an 0-30 season. Let’s save the snarky comments though, since they’re leaving D-I next season. And as bad as Auburn, Wake Forest, and DePaul have been, odds are that they beat somebody. Here are the ten most likely teams to go winless.

Centenary   64.4%
Wake Forest 31.4%
San Diego   25.9%
Auburn      23.3%
DePaul      22.3%
Fordham     18.0%
Ga. Sthrn   16.0%
Towson      11.9%
La. Tech     9.4%
Central Ark. 8.0%