These aren’t the games I would have chosen to run, but I’m at the mercy of SID’s and webmasters from around the country on acquiring the necessary data to create boxes. And unfortunately, the SEC guards substitution data like it’s gold.

Penn State/Ohio State

It’s not often you see a cellar-dwelling team lose a starter in the first minute and still hang with the #2 team in the nation in their building for 35 minutes.


Georgetown’s Jeremiah Rivers was credited with a foul when he wasn’t playing, early in the second half. (I had to remove this for my program to work properly.) The foul should have been credited to Roy Hibbert. It didn’t matter much – that would have been Hibbert’s second foul, and when Hibbert eventually picked up what was officially his fourth foul with 4:29 to play, he was removed from the game by John Thompson III and didn’t return.