The most popular upset pick I am hearing is Texas Tech over Saint Joe’s in the 2nd round. The theory goes that Bobby K. will craft a brilliant game plan to vanquish the Hawks.

Has anybody looked at Knight’s tournament record lately? He hasn’t made it to the Sweet 16 in his last 7 tournament appearances! Knight’s a great coach, but his greatness comes from teaching the game, not from what he does during the game. How many games are won with a game plan? Not many. You teach your team how to play, you teach them your system, and then they play. At this point we have a pretty good idea of how good Texas Tech is, and not so much with Saint Joe’s. If Bob Knight could craft game plans to beat elite teams, why do the Red Raiders have 10 losses?

Chances are Texas Tech may not see Saint Joe’s anyways. If that matchup does occur, the Red Raiders would likely have a huge rebounding advantage and sure, Texas Tech would have a realistic chance of winning. But it wouldn’t be due to a brilliant game plan. It would be because there’s not a whole lot of difference between the top teams in college basketball, and upsets do happen.