Who would you rather have as your point guard…

          TO%   A%  Pts/40  FTA/FGA
Player A  4.5  9.9   11.3    .292
Player B  3.6  9.3   16.7    .388

TO% = percentage of possessions a turnover is committed
A% = percentage of possessions the player gets an assist
Pts/40 = Points scored per 40 minutes of playing time
FTA/FGA = Free throws attempted per field goals attempted

As I will always preach, context is important. Both of these players played on teams that weren’t very deep, but had one future NBA starter in the front court, and had a very accurate and productive perimeter shooter along side them. So the context is similar.

Naturally I am trying to get you to say “Player B.” Mr. B scored about 50% more than player A, assisted about the same (6% less), and turned the ball over 20% less. Player B shot more free throws, so it could be reasonably assumed that his points came more in the slashing/take-it-to-the-hole variety than the spot-up jump shot variety as compared to Mr. A. Thus B was risking turnovers more often, but he still managed to take care of the ball better. (In fairness, Player A played tougher competition.)

Player A is 2004 Chris Duhon.
Player B is 2004 Billy Edelin.

It’s hard to convince me that Syracuse could be a top 5 team this season without Player B in the lineup for 30+ minutes a game.