It’s no secret that height is a factor in rebounding. We’d like to think it’s about desire and hustle, and to some extent it is, but being tall and having some springs is what matters most. What follows is a listing by height of the player that had the best rebounding percentage in the country in ‘06, with a playing time minimum of 40%.

One thing to remember is that schools provide the measurements, and they are under no obligation to give accurate ones. The seemingly abnormal amount of players listed at exactly 6 feet is the best example of height fudging. There are obviously a few 5-10 and 5-11 players being given the benefit of the doubt.

7-2 (1 qualifier):
Defensive: Roy Hibbert, Georgetown…22.0%
Offensive: Roy Hibbert, Georgetown…15.1%

7-1 (2 qualifiers):
Defensive: Luke Nevill, Utah…24.8
Offensive: Luke Nevill, Utah…11.8

7-0 (13 qualifiers):
Defensive: Aaron Gray, Pitt…27.0
Offensive: Aaron Gray, Pitt…15.7

6-11 (47 qualifiers):
Defensive: John Bryant, Santa Clara…26.6
Offensive: Boomer Herndon, Belmont…18.7

6-10 (75 qualifiers):
Defensive: Justin Williams, Wyoming…25.1
Offensive: Chaz Crawford, Drexel…15.5

6-9 (148 qualifiers):
Defensive: Tyrus Thomas, LSU…26.4
Offensive: Kenny Adeleke, Hartford…17.6

6-8 (179 qualifiers):
Defensive: Rashad Jones-Jennings, Ark. Little Rock…29.7
Offensive: Paul Millsap, La. Tech…18.1

6-7 (180 qualifiers):
Defensive: Randal Falker, Southern Illinois…23.9
(tie) Clarence Matthews, Tennessee St…23.9
Offensive: Diamon Simpson, Saint Mary’s…16.3

6-6 (212 qualifiers):
Defensive: Ivan Almonte, Florida International…27.9
Offensive: Leon Young, Loyola Chicago…14.7

6-5 (196 qualifiers):
Defensive: Courtney Bradley, Jacksonville St…22.3
Offensive: Jordan Nichols, American…14.9

6-4 (200 qualifiers):
Defensive: Obie Nwadike, Central Connecticut…24.1
Offensive: Obie Nwadike, Central Connecticut…14.1

6-3 (182 qualifiers):
Defensive: Earnest Daney, New Orleans…18.7
Offensive: Charron Fisher, Niagara…12.0

6-2 (206 qualifiers):
Defensive: Aubin Scott, Long Island…18.0
Offensive: Jayson Obazuaye, Colorado…8.6

6-1 (127 qualifiers):
Defensive: Rajon Rondo, Kentucky…18.7
Offensive: Kojo Mensah, Siena…9.8

6-0 (122 qualifiers):
Defensive: Temi Soyebo, UNCW…15.7
Offensive: Tony Lee, Robert Morris…10.7

5-11 (64 qualifiers):
Defensive: Paul Gause, Seton Hall..14.2
Offensive: Linas Lekavicius, American…8.8

5-10 (47 qualifiers):
Defensive: Bobby Dixon, Troy…13.4
Offensive: Jon Goode, Detroit…4.4

5-9 (26 qualifiers):
Defensive: Terrell Brown, Charleston Southern…10.4
Offensive: Darrin Shine, Delaware St…4.1

5-8 (10 qualifiers):
Defensive: Jay Greene, UMBC…10.4
Offensive: DJ Thompson, Appalachian St…3.8

5-7 (2 qualifiers):
Defensive: Catravia Givens, Jackson St…7.6
Offensive: Catravia Givens, Jackson St…1.9

5-6 (3 qualifiers):
Defensive: Alleo Frazier, Alcorn St…8.0
Offensive: Jeremiah Dominguez, Portland…5.0

Finally, I offer you a graph of average rebounding percentage by height. Often, role can have a significant influence on a player’s rebounding percentage, but this graph does indicate what a baseline level rebounding ability should be for taller players. If you’re in the 6-8 to 6-10 range and not a 3-point specialist, then you are doing your height a disservice if you are in the single digits in offensive rebounding.