The Bracket Breakdown featuring log5 computations will commence tomorrow with the Midwest and West regions and continue Wednesday with the East and South. (Sneak preview: there are 10 teams with at least a 2% chance of winning it all if loyal reader Kevin Picklesimer’s calculations are correct.) I always pity the folks that are required to give instant reactions to the field because I need about 24 hours to process things.

Overall, I like what the committee did. My biggest beef is the overseeded (4)Virginia/(5)Tennessee/(12)Long Beach State/(13)Albany pod. I don’t get how one can defend seeding any of those teams that high, but one of them will get to the second week.

A couple of housekeeping notes: fellow rater Mike Greenfield is again running BracketBrains and if you want to test out how certain variables might influence tournament match-ups, then go sign up!

Also, for those that have been especially repulsed by my work this season – folks in the entire state of Nevada or the Stillwater metro area, for example – you’ve gotten your wish. I’ve been drafted into Dan Steinberg’s bracket contest and if things go well, I’ll lose to Jenn Sterger.