This is my new feature “On the Radar” where I profile a good team that the cool people aren’t talking about. I guess it should really be “Under the Radar” then, but I’m not going to change. Today’s team is Troy St. who has a respectable loss to LSU and wins over San Diego St. and Oakwood College (who I think is NAIA). What’s cool about the men of Troy is that not only have they shot more 3’s than 2’s this year, which is rare in itself, but they are almost shooting better from 3 (51% from 2, 47% from 3). So they are getting almost a point a half on every three point attempt, compared with about one point on 2’s. Even if you consider the extra points that come with 2’s in the form of trips to the line, there is no way their 2 point production is close to their 3 point production. This suggests that Troy isn’t shooting enough 3’s. Their schedule is pathetic the rest of the way, what with the Atlantic Sun making their members play 20 conference games, so don’t be looking for them on the tube anytime soon.